Aviation & Tourism Management

Aviation & Tourism Management Course

This comprehensive course is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the Aviation- Travel & Tourism industry. Students can expect lucrative openings in Airlines, BPO's, Hotels & Tourism Industry as Tour Guides, Tour Consultants.

IITC is one of the top institutes providing training in travel & tourism courses for the aviation industry.

Course Duration - 9 Months

Recommended Pre-Qualification - HSC Certificate, Basic Mathematics & English language skills.

Available in the following Centers - Mumbai & New Delhi

Travel and Tourism Course Curriculum

Different Agencies associated with Aviation 

  • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)  
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  • BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security)
  • DGCA (Directorate general of Civil Aviation)
  • CISF (Central industrial security force)
  • BOI (Bureau of Immigration)
  • Central board of Excise and Customs.
  • BDDS (Bomb detection and disposal squad)

International Regulations & Conventions

  • The Chicago convention
  • Bilateral agreements
  • The Warsaw convention
  • IATA General conditions of Carriage

Role and Functions of IATA

  • History and Organization
  • Trade Association activities
  • Tariff co-ordination activities
  • IATA-UFTAA dialogue
  • IATA Bank Settlement Plan (BSP)
  • IATA members

World & Travel Geography

  • Longitude, Standard time and DST
    (Daylight Saving Time)
  • 24 Hrs Clock
  • Time differences & International Dateline
  • Calculation of Transportation time for Flight journeys
  • Study of the world to be done in accordance with 
    IATA outlines.


  • Freedoms of AIR
  • 3 Letter city codes of IATA
  • Two letter country codes of IATA
  • IATA Geography

Travel Terminology

  • Currency abbreviations
  • Terms and definitions
  • IATA codes and abbreviations

Travel Agency Operations & Management

  • The Travel agent, Terminology
  • Functions of a Travel Agent
  • Departments of a Travel Agency
  • Operations - Functions and Purpose of various Departments
  • Incentives and source of Income
  • IATA recognition of a Travel Agency
  • Facilitation procedures (visa & passport)
  • Management related to Airlines
  • Cargo Agencies

Airline Reservation

  • How to make a Reservations
  • Reservation codes
  • PNR Creation
  • OAG Flight Guides (Manual Reservations)
  • Construction of Unpublished Transfer connections

Travel Documents & Baggage Regulations

  • Passport 
  • VISAS 
  • Insurance 
  • Foreign Exchange Regulations
  • Health, Taxes and Custom
  • Baggage allowance  
    • Free Baggage allowance
    • Dangerous goods
    • Live Animals and Excess value charges


  • Definition of Aircraft and Aeroplane
  • Types of aircraft (Wide and narrow)
  • Understand the structure of an aircraft. (Fuselage / Door)   
  • Aircraft Parts, Airport, In Flight Services
  • Interiors and exteriors of an aircraft.

Types of Flight

  • Direct / Transit / Transfer
  • Short & Long Haul-


  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Front office Organization
  • Reservation
  • Check-in and check-out Procedures
  • Guest Relations Executives




Airport Handling

  • Airport Familiarization
    • Point of contact with the passenger
    • Customer facilities at Airport
    • Airport signs & markings
    • Different area of work
    • Security
    • Passenger requiring Special Handling
  • Check-in Procedure 
    • What is check-in
    • Duties of check-in staff
    • Different types of Check-in
    • Check-in process
    • Self Check-in Kiosks
    • Pre-flight work
    • Reporting time
    • Post flight work
  • Post Check-in Departure area
    • Security 
    • Immigration
    • Customs
    • Duty free
    • Lounge
    • Boarding hall
    • Boarding gate
  • Arrivals
    • Immigrations (Deportee and inadmissible passenger)
    • Customs (Green, Blue & Red channel)
    • Duty free
    • Duties of arrival staff
    • Baggage delivery
    • Missing or damaged bag process
  • Process of Onward Flight Connections
    • Domestic to Domestic
    • Domestic to International
    • International to International
    • International to Domestic Flight

Introduction to fares

  • Airports of the World & OAG Flight Schedules
  • Global Indicators
  • Air Fares Terminology  
  • Presentation of Fare Tariff
  • Published Fares, Fare Types (Normal & Special fares), Seasonal Fares

Automated Ticket Entry Reading

  • Introduction to E-Tickets
  • Reservation (Creation of PNR)


  • E-ticketing and Online tickets
  • Issue of Tickets with a Published fare
  • Domestic Ticket Issuance

Transport Industry

  • Water: Ocean, Cruises & Ferries
  • Land: Railways, Bus/ Coach, Car Rental


  • Tourism Organizations
    • ITDC: India Tourism Development Corporation
    • DOT: Department of Tourism
    • WTO: World Tourism Organisation
  • Tourism and Forms of Tourism
    • Eco tourism, Religious Tourism
    • Adventure tourism, Wellness Tourism, etc..
    • International tourism
  • Impact & Future of Tourism
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Environmental
    • Causes of Rapid growth in Tourism
  • Destination India & Abroad
    • India at a glance
    • Historical glance
    • Cultural Scene
    • India's Tourist attractions
    • Tourist attractions in Europe, S.E. Asia, etc.
    • Tour Planning and Tour costing

Tourism Product & Marketing/ Destination Management 

  • Planning, Development & Organizing
  • Co-ordination & Implementation
  • Skills of a Manager

Additional Benefits *

  • CRS/ GDS Training (Amadeus/Galileo/Sabre)
    A CRS is a global computerized distribution and reservation system for the travel industry, used in both travel agencies and airline sales offices worldwide. It is possible to have access to various events, currency conversions, car rental companies, weather forecasts and a host of useful information.
  • Soft Skills Training
    Communication, Confidence, Motivation, Leadership Resume Writing, Group Discussions, Interview Techniques Personal Hygiene, Hair & Skin Care

* Only at Select Centers

IITC offers Placement Assistance & Internship Opportunities

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