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Aviation & IATA Training Program

Worldwide, Tourism sector is the largest single employment generating sector and with Indian economy getting progressively aligned with the global economy, this trend is certain to replicate in India as well. Tourism provides employment to millions of people in India both directly and indirectly through its linkage with other sector of the economy. It is estimated that total direct employment in the tourism sector is around 20 million, which is higher that any other sector including Software & BPO!

India is probably the only country that offers various categories of Tourism. These include History (heritage), Wildlife, Adventure, Medical, Spiritual, Beach Tourism, etc. India's Tourism industry is thriving due to an increase in foreign tourist's arrivals and greater than before travel by Indians to domestic and destinations abroad.

However, the sector has certain specialised skill requirements which need to be imparted through proper training. Today we have a situation where most of the available manpower is inadequate both is quality and quantity to meet International and Industry norms. Very little people outside the Airline, Travel & Tourism sector know that this is the world's largest employment generating industry today. One common misconception regarding this sector is that it is the job of Air Hostess & Pilot and one has to look and be glamorous for it. However, the percentage of Air Hostesses in the sector vis-a-vis the total workforce would be less than 5%!

More than 95% of the workforce consists of other related jobs like Airline reservations, Airport ground staff, Travel agency staff, Tour operators, Tour escorts, Foreign exchange staff, Insurance staff, Transporters, Hospitality, Cargo handling staff, BPO etc. These are full time, life long and well paying white collared jobs with ambient and soothing work conditions and offering lots of benefits. Various Aviation courses have been designed to fulfil these demands.

The minimum education requirements for such jobs are XII standard pass plus having qualified specialised airport courses in related fields with durations ranging from 4 months to 2 years. Many youngsters take up jobs after clearing the minimum 4 months course and appear for Advanced courses alongside their work experience. The most prestigious and globally accepted accreditation in the field is through clearing the IATA-UFTAA exam which is conducted by an International body based in Montreal, Canada.

IITC is one of the premier profession-oriented educational institutes in India  offering profession-oriented education related to Aviation and Travel-Tourism sector since 1966. All these courses are crafted in tune to the need of the times, designed with extensive research and intensive consultation with experts from the various industries.

We will train you for exciting careers in the Airline & Tourism Industry as Traffic / Travel Assistants, Tour Co-ordinators, Managers and other exciting positions. IITC diploma holders have been absorbed in reputed Airlines, Travel Agencies, Airline Back Offices and various Star hotels. Many of our past students have started their own Travel Agencies successfully.

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Aviation & IATA Training Program
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