Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Course

The form of designing which touches the lives of almost everyone, is Fashion Designing. We all design our wardrobe to suit our every need, be it for climatic, cultural, festive or for that special look. Fashion is an expression of your thoughts, your opinions which draw attention, creates images & impressions. It has the timeless mystery of seduction leading to changes in personality. A Fashion Designer is a key to the world of Fashion & Styles.

If you possess a flair for design, have a creative urge to experiment with colours & fabrics. If you enjoy the competitive spirit of selling, then fashion may be the right thing for you.The Fashion Garments Industry is one of the fastest growing and has a vast market, especially in exports. There is a growing need for professionals. To fulfil this growing demand IITC started training students in Fashion Designing Courses. We are a recognized name among the best Fashion Designing Institutes and colleges. IITC diploma holders can start their own Freelance Practice, Design Houses, Workshops, Boutiques, Fashion Stylist, Retail Companies etc. The scope is unlimited.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the Fashion Industry, IITC has developed an exhaustive course syllabus which can be learnt over a period of 6 months to 2 years. IITC has well-trained faculties to conduct Fashion Designing Classes.

Course Duration - 12 months to 15 months (Diploma In Fashion Designing)
We also offer fast track courses at select centers

Available in the following Centers - Mumbai (All Centers), Ahmedabad

Fashion Designing Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to fashion designing
  • Fundamentals of figure sketching and composition
  • Basic & Advance Illustration
  • Study of fashion terminology and Scope
  • Basic Garment Sections
  • Effects on Garments
  • Colour analysis and Study of colour schemes
  • Trends & Concepts in fashion
  • Creation of Prints, Fabric textures & their rendering
  • Embroidery placements
  • Accessories & Jewellery with relevance to fashion
  • Theme designing
  • Basic Textile designing


  • Study of Indian/World Costumes
  • Study of figure faults & solutions for camouflaging
  • Measurements & Drafting of different patterns
  • Dart manipulation & ways of rectifying fits
  • Production sampling - Reading of pattern charts & evaluation
  • Field visits to manufacturing units, export houses, boutiques, etc.
  • Opportunities & Career paths
  • Fashion cycle / Fashion Forecasting / Fashion Merchandising / Fashion Marketing
  • Practical Project Work
  • Computer Aided Fashion Designing

To summarize the curriculum focuses not only on courses for fashion designers but also on courses for the fashion stylist and much more.

Career In Fashion Designing

There are thousands of exciting jobs in the fashion industry for people with the right training in Fashion Designing, Modeling, Window Displays, Sales, Merchandising, fashion styling, fashion journalism etc.

IITC offers Placement Assistance & Internship Opportunities

With leading Fashion Designers, Fashion Houses, Retail Companies, Garment Export Houses, Designer Boutiques, Fashion Stylists and Garments Production Houses.


IITC understands what is required to run a Fashion Designing School. To be the best Fashion Designer the course focuses on different activities.

Participate in Fashion Exhibitions: Get an opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge of production, to see your designs sell and know their commercial viability.

Participate in Fashion Shows: See your creations on the ramp, modelled by professional models and also get an opportunity to model your own garments.

Fashion Workshops: Learn from and interact with leading Fashion Designers and Fashion Professionals.

Fashion Contests: Participate in in-house Fashion Contests based on various Themes, which are judged by Leading Fashion Professionals.


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