Advanced Certificate In International Trade

Advanced Certificate In International Trade, Export Import Management Course

(Export-Import Management)
Recognized by Indian Merchants' Chamber (IMC) Chamber of Commerce and Industry
EST.1907 Premier Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry
An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Organization

Export Import Trade is marketing on a global level. Post liberalization, India is adjudged to be amongst the potential markets for global trade. This has initiated the government to make necessary policies which has opened new doors for international trade. Global trade has necessitated national markets to follow international trends. Also with amendments in the budget annually, there are changes in the export import policies making it essential for potential global marketers to stay abreast with the latest.

IMC is a premier Chamber of trade, commerce and industry in India. Set up in 1907, in the wake of the 'Swadeshi Movement' to represent Indian businesses. The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, popularly known as The IMC, is a legendary organization which has relentlessly pursued the agenda of identifying opportunities, addressing critical issues and driving Indian businesses with the single minded focus of sustainable growth.

Why is IITC one of the Top Institutes to built a Career in Export Import?

  • IITC, being an all India management institute, has the distinction of being an International Export Trade Promoter over the past five decades.
  • Annual revision of course conforming to the present EXIM policy.
  • Consultation with top professionals from the industry in construction of the curriculum. IITC's well informed & experienced faculty keep students abreast with the latest in the industry.
  • IITC conducts Training Programs, Seminars & Workshops which cover the latest developments in the field of India’s Exports and Imports.
  • We provide Government recognized Export Import courses.
  • Visit to J.N.P.T. Port and/ or Cargo Complex (subject to availability of date).

Export Import Certificate Course Duration - 6 months

Recommended Pre-Qualification - Passed HSC (XII) examination from a recognized Board or other approved examination equivalent to HSC (XII)

Available in the following Centers - Mumbai & New Delhi.

ACIT - ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE (Export-Import Management) course is outlined for those in pursuit of better employment opportunities or independent Export-Import business. The objective of this course is to acquaint the participants with practical knowledge which would help them to become Export-Import executives or start their own Export-Import business.

Holders of the Certificate will be entitled to use the letters ACIT (IMC) after their names.

Export Import Course Curriculum

  • International Marketing and Organizational Behavior
  • Export-Finance, Banking & Exchange Control Regulations
  • Export Procedures and Documentation
  • Import Management
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Foreign Trade Logistics


There is always a shortage of well-trained people in export/import field. This career oriented course gives more in-depth knowledge in the area of selecting products and selecting the overseas market, marketing methods, documentation, finance, insurance, shipping as well as importing goods from other countries. Foreign exchange and regulations pertaining to export and import. Logistics or Shipping Industry is in great demand of Export Import professionals to the extent that Export Import Courses are sometimes also referred as Logistics Courses or Shipping Courses. 

Because of this, the probability of getting better jobs in this field are better with reference to your experience and/or educational background.

Paper I International Marketing & Organizational Behavior

  • Introduction Basis of International Marketing. Difference between International and Domestic market. Impact of Globalization, disintermediation and Liberalization on the International market.

  • India's Foreign Trade Balance of payment. Recent trends in India's foreign trade. Measures to boost India's foreign Trade.

  • Global Environment For Exports Factors affecting world trade World Trade Organization (WTO), UNCTAD and ICC Regional Economic Groupings- EU, LAFTA, NAFTA, SAFTA, SAARC. ASEAN, etc.

  • Basic Principles of International Marketing Market segmentation, Targeting positioning, Brand Image. Identifying foreign markets. Sources of Information and importance of data. Overseas marketing research. Promotion of products in global markets. Product planning and Channels of distribution.

  • Organizational Behavior Management Definition, Its nature and scope. Functions of Management- Planning, staffing and organization. Leading and directing, Control and Evaluation.

  • The Human Resource Management Its management and Development. New insights into human resource management.

  • Motivation Morale and productivity Relieving stress at work place.

Paper II Export Finance, Banking & Exchange Regulations

  • Export Costing - Costs Concepts Fixed, Marginal and Variable Costs. Export Pricing, Break Even Analysis . Cost Sheet for Exports, including Freight and Insurance. International Commercial Terms (INCO 2010). Problems on export Pricing.

  • Export Finance Pre-shipment and Post- shipment Finance. Export Finance in Foreign Currency. Scrutiny of Export Letter of Credit and Negotiation of documents under LC. Discrepant documents. Export credit and Guarantee Corporation (ECGC). Deferred payment Exports: Suppliers Credit/ Buyers Credit. Project exports. EXIM Bank, Its role and functions. Factoring and Forfeiting.

  • FEMA 1999 Introduction to FEMA, Authorized Dealers. Current account and Capital account Transactions. Rupee convertibility on Current/ Capital account. FEMA provisions regarding Exports, EEFC and Diamond Dollar Accounts. Foreign Currency accounts for Residents and Non Residents.

  • Exchange Rate Management FEDAI and its Guidelines. Exchange Rate Mechanism. Derivatives, Hedging, Options etc.

Paper III Export Procedure And Documentation Definition

  • Definition and meaning of exports Understanding an Export Transaction

  • Exchange Rate Mechanism Basic Concepts. Direct Quotation Method, Spot and Forward rates and booking of Forward contract for exports. NOSTRO, VOSTRO and LORO A/Cs.

  • Procedure How to set up an Export Company, Categories of an Exporter. Procedure for obtaining IEC and RCMC. Various Export Promotion Organizations i.e. EPC, CB's. Export sales contract, Export order, processing and Scrutiny of an Export order. Execution of an Export Order.

  • Payment Terms Payment terms for settlement of export import transaction. Letter of credit, its contents and types of LC. Uniform Customs Procedures for Documentary Credits (UCPDC).

  • Documentation Entire export documents, i.e. Principal, Auxiliary and Regulatory set of documents used in export trade and their importance.

  • Customs Clearance of Cargo meant for exports Excise clearance procedure. Role of customs house agents. Shipping and customs formalities. Marine insurance.

Paper IV Import Management

  • Definition Need for Imports. Definition and meaning of Imports. How to read Import Export Policy and Procedures.

  • Procedures for Imports Import finance . Opening of Import Letter of credit. External commercial Borrowings. Buyers Credit/Trade Credit. Direct Imports. Retirement of Import documents under an LC or otherwise on collection. FEMA provision regarding Imports.

  • Role of Customs and regulations regarding imports Indian customs Act. 1962. Customs Tariff Act, . Filing of Bill of entry. Clearance of cargo at the time of imports. Valuation and assessment of goods for payment of customs duty. Method for calculation of customs duty. Import of Technology, Drawings and Designs. Import of Samples/Gifts. Imports for personal use &Baggage rules. Imports through post and courier.

  • Central Excise Main provision for Imports/Exports. Factory stuffing/warehouse stuffing/sealing of containers. Clearance of goods under Bond. Imports under special schemes for exporters. EPCG, Duty Exemption/remission and various other promotional schemes.

Paper V Foreign Trade Policy

  • Preamble Legal Frame work. Various definitions. Govt. objective under Foreign trade Policy. Structure of Import Policy. ITC (HS) classification of Imports. General policy provisions regarding Imports and exports. Promotional Measures. Duty exemption/Remission Scheme. EPCG scheme. SEZ, 100% EOU's, EHTP, STP, SEZ, FTZ etc. Deemed Exports. Current Foreign Trade Policy.

Paper VI Foreign Trade Logistics

  • Logistics Introduction to global logistics. Different modes of shipments. Different modes of operation of shipping. Different modes of transport. Multi modal transport system. Chartering practice. Conference system. Containerization FCL/LCL, CFS, ICD. Third party logistic service providers. CHA, FFA, C&FA, Ship operating agent, NVOCC. Introduction to port operation, harbor facility, terminal facility, VTMS. Customs bonded warehouses. Freight (types and application), freight consolidation. Introduction to custom procedure (logistics). Documentation (logistics). INCOTERM 2010, Selection of INCOTERM. Application of information technology in logistics.

  • Cargo Insurance Introduction to need and importance of marine insurance. Basic principles of insurance applicable to cargo clause A, B & C. Ocean, air and inland transit clause. Insurance premiums. Insurance claim procedures, documentation and time limit.

IMC Registration & Exam Fees

Every candidate desirous of registering for the IMC course will have to register by paying a Registration fee of Rs. 2,000/- plus Examination Fees of Rs. 3,000/- to IMC. (Govt. taxes would be payable as applicable) along with the IITC Training Fees.
For details of IITC Training Fees contact Mumbai or New Delhi centres.

Subject to completion of course, Course completion certificate will be awarded by Institute (IITC).

Final Exams are conducted by Commercial Examination Board Indian Merchants' Chamber, this exams is held twice in a year. Once in May - June and November - December. Upon clearing this exam, IMC will award Mark-Sheet & Certificate.

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