Introduction to IATA Training Courses

IATA-UFTAA & IATA-FIATA Training Programs

The IATA - UFTAA International Travel and Tourism & IATA-FIATA Cargo Agent Training Programs, offered through the IATA Aviation Training & Development Institute (ATDI), Montreal, Canada is the most complete, industry responsive and career-oriented training programme, providing students with the best industry-wide knowledge and globally recognised qualifications.

The Training programs have gained industry recognition as quality training products, important for anyone wishing to up-grade his/her professional competence or start a career in the travel industry.

The Training programs are administered by Local Co-ordinators (Air-India, in case of India) who are responsible for promotion of the courses and the organisation of the examinations.

The training courses are designed as self-teach modules, but are also offered as classroom courses, also known as IATA-UFTAA Authorized Training Centers (ATC).

IITC is an ATC for training students taking up the reputed IATA ATDI courses. IITC is one of the best IATA training institutes. We impart quality training with a high passing track record. This explains the increasing number of enrollments each year at our institute for these popular courses. These courses are a must for Students who look for a rise in their career graph. Examinations are held 4 times in a year. The enrolment is valid for 18 months.

Since 2001, IITC has been awarded with Premier Circle Member (worldwide top 10). We have also been recognized by IATA Training & Development Institute for consistently being the institute with the largest student base globally and having the highest standards of training. This recognition sets our Institute apart as one that has achieved impressive results over the years and is committed to student's success.

Authentic Training Certificates

To further improve the quality of IATA Training products we have introduced the ability to check the authenticity of IATA Accredited Training School (ATS) and IATA Training certificates. Please share this information with your participants so they can in turn ensure employers that the certificates are authentic.


The IATA Training certificate validation tool will only recognize certificates

      • Issued after January 1, 2013
      • Issued before the end of the previous month
      • Where there are no outstanding fees to IATA

Check the authenticity of a training certificate awarded by IATA :

We all at IITC Congratulate

Bijal Gala (December 2014 Exam Session), Ghezel Taverio (April 2014 Exam Session), Dena Alavi (September 2013 Exam Session), Roanna D'souza (March 2013 Exam Session) on successfully completing the IATA / UFTAA Consultant Course with Distinction and on receiving "BEST PERFORMANCE RECOGNITION" letter from IATA Training & Development Institute Canada.

2 Exam sessions in a row IITC IATA / UFTAA Consultant Course students BEST Performance in INDIA

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