This is a three-in-one course ideally suited for those new to the travel industry. The course provides an understanding of the industry, describe the travel professional's role, the role of technology in the travel industry and the importance of exceeding customer expectations. In addition, the Course teaches fundamental skills and competencies linked to industry regulations, standard coding, world geography, quoting air fares and interpreting fare rules, electronic ticketing, passenger travel documents such as passports, visas and health certificates and reservations procedures.
IITC is a Worldwide TOP 10 IATA Authorized Training Center for IATA Courses.

Course Duration4/7 Months

Available in the following Centers Mumbai (All Centers), Ahmedabad, New Delhi.

Who will benefit?

  • Students who wish to have a career in the travel industry
  • Junior travel consultants
  • Airline personnel
  • Tour operators who deal regularly with travel agents
  • Personnel of large companies responsible for making travel arrangement

Course Curriculum

  • The Business Environment of the Travel & Tourism Industry
  • Geography in Travel Planning 1
  • Travel Formalities
  • Land Transport - Rail 1
  • Water Transport- Ferries & Cruise 1
  • Land Transport-Car & Camper
  • Tours Packages 1
  • Hotels
  • Air Transports Essentials
  • Customer Service
  • Technology in the Travel Industry 1
  • Airfares & Ticketing 1
  • Electronic Booking Tools

How you will benefit?

  • Make appropriate travel arrangements and reservations
  • Calculate and quote appropriate air fares
  • Complete international travel documents in accordance with the applicable IATA rules and procedures
  • Answer customers' queries, quote rates and supplements, explain conditions and book tour products
  • Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that your front-line contact with the customer is outstanding
  • Understand the role of information technology – Global Distribution Systems and the Internet
  • Upon receiving the IATA-UFTAA International Travel and Tourism Foundation Diploma, it is recommended that you take the IATA-UFTAA GDS Training Course – essential in today's automated workplace.
  • Travel Agencies that hire employees who hold the IATA-UFTAA International Travel and Tourism
  • FOUNDATION LEVEL Registration / Enrolment / Exam Fee Charges to be paid directly to IATA-ITDI. Kindly check with the preferred Authorised Training Center (ATC) of IITC for details.

  • Total Registration Fee Payable as on 01 May, 2018 (inclusive of Courier & Exam fee) to IATA is :

    • Foundation Level - 643 US$
    • Consultant Level - 573 US$
  • Registration for Foundation & Consultant Level is valid for 12 months from the date of enrolment. It means that the Course has to be successfully completed within 12 months from date of Registration. The Training duration by the ATC (IITC) will be for 4 to 7 months.

      The last date for IATA Registration set by IITC are -

    • 28th November for March Exam
    • 27th February for June Exam
    • 29th May for September Exam
    • 12th September for December Exam

    However the ATC (IITC) reserves the right to Stop/ Reject Registrations prior to the IATA-ITDI deadline dates.

  • The Exams for all sessions are usually held on the 1st Sunday of the exam week.
  • Passing Percentage is 60% for Pass class & 85% for Distinction class.
  • The exam papers are set & corrected by IATA-ITDI in Montreal, Canada.

    Air-India is the Local co-ordinator for conducting the exams on behalf of IATA-ITDI.

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